SkyBlueBerlin sightseeing tour Berlin by night


The Brandenburg Gate brush – a very unique gift!

Do you want to present your friends, partners or guest during our tour with a very special souvernir? Why not giving the famous Brandenburg Gate away – as a brush? For cleaning bucksin, cushions or as a magical keepsake. Brushes were created by hand following old traditional work in a social Berlin factory for disabled [...]

Berlin by Night – a very Special Sightseeing tour!

Of course it will be our pleasure creating a very individual Tour through Berlin by night for you. Glide along with us through the city, which is calming down than and enjoy relaxed the illuminated hot spots and special places we would like to show to you. Please ask us for more Details.

Do you have a special reason for your city tour?

Do you want to dumbfound your partner, your friend or your guests during our tour with you? Do you have a special reason for celebrating something or do you want to tell something special? It will be our pleasure to support you in any way of finding a lovely place, developing a wonderful hightlight or [...]