Bootstour Berlin auf der Spree

Dear Mrs Flöge,

Yes, it was terrific!!! A beautiful tour. You don’t just do your „job“, you show your city with so much heart and soul; entertaining, eloquent, exactly on our wavelength. A very big thank you !

On a reunion to a tour in the Berlin backyards
your Hinrich Boes is pleased

Stadtrundfahrt Berlin


Thank you so much for such an enjoyable morning.
I look forward to our trip to Potsdam!!

Kind regards

Stadtrundfahrt Berlin

Dear Mrs Flöge,

thanks again for this extraordinary tour. There are many ways to explore Berlin – driving your Mercedes convertible is the best way to ‚experience‘ Berlin. As we are experienced Berlin tourists and therefore have seen the highlights several times (but always enjoy visiting them), you have managed to show us new squares and streets of Berlin that are not used by the tourist buses and were completely new to us. And to all this we still had enough time at the end of the trip to see the boulevards of Berlin and the government quarter in the sunshine. A big praise for your very good service and your very good local knowledge (can dodge lightning fast a demo) – with you the customer is king. Berlin is worth a visit – you have clearly shown us that once again.
We wish you many more beautiful trips and who knows, maybe you will see each other again?

Greetings from Cologne
Sylvia and Ingo Lück

Stadtrundfahrt Berlin

Dear Mrs Flöge,

the working life has us back again, so now a little late a little thank you afterwards!

It was a wonderful, informative trip! It was great how you enriched this wonderful day with your immense background knowledge and always knew an answer to our questions. Many thanks from Munich !

We wish you much success with your business concept and will recommend you in any case!

Many greetings Beatrice and Richard Rieger

Sightseeing Berlin

Dear Frau Flöge,

we arrived home on schedule about 1 hour ago. The trip with you yesterday was an absolute hit for both of us. We enjoyed it so much and for my wife it is a lasting experience for her birthday.

You did a great job – including the flower with the branch of Robinia (we live in Robinia Trail – coincidence??) We saw and heard so much that you don’t get on „these city tours“. Also the car is super and will hopefully last a long time thanks to your care.

Many thanks again for the reservation at KaDeWe. It worked out very well. The only free table was for us – and the Bouillabaisse – someone is still raving!

Simply super this day – thanks to „SkyBlueBerlin“. You are welcome to use my feedback also for your homepage.

Sincere greetings from both of us
Thomas and Heidi Rapold

Sightseeing Berlin

Seeing the sights with Kerstin as hostess while riding comfortably in her classic Mercedes was the high point of our time in Berlin. The time we spent with Kerstin helped orient us to the surroundings and plan our time more effectively. Kerstin’s narration (whilst skillfully navigating traffic) and charming personality made for a memorable and enjoyable time. We highly recommend this experience to anyone visiting the area.

Will share with our friend Laura when next we see her.
Best to you and yours.

Stadtrundfahrt Berlin

Dear Mrs. Kerstin,

June 28th began beautifully for us when we saw your convertible standing in front of the Adlon. Galant you chauffeured us through Berlin and pointed us to all sights. With SkyBlueBerlin tours we felt comfortable all around, the three cousins from Tyrol thanked you very much.

We took fantastic impressions with us and will surely come back again. Thank you very much for the wonderful ride in the convertible.


Dear Mrs Flöge,

Thank you very much for the wonderful cabriolet ride through Berlin and the arrangement with the Marlene, a very beautiful, entertaining and very informative tour through Berlin. My family and I greatly appreciated your comments – armed with iPad and historical pictures – on the development history of Berlin as one of the central focal points of European politics of the last 100 years. We especially liked the very personal and relaxed, unobtrusively competent nature of your tour, which was much more instructive for all of us than many history lessons.

We wish you much more fortune, not only with the weather!
Best regards, Your Heinz Hilgert

Stadtrundfahrt Berlin

It was a pleasure to meet you, and our little tour through Berlin was really nice. I will tell about your tours to my friends in Brazil.

I whish all the best to you and to Himmel Blau.
Kindest regards, Isabel

Sightseeing Berlin

Dear Mrs Flöge,

We would like to thank you all once again for the excellent city tour that you made with us in your little sky blue beetle cabriolet. Your thoroughness and your knowledge, which you brought to the tour of historic Berlin and Potsdam, made a particularly deep impression on me – especially after so many decades (on 31.07.1953 I emigrated to Canada with my mother as an eleven-year-old boy and was back in Berlin in 1964).

Personally, I would like to thank you very much because you showed me that not everything had perished in Berlin and that many parts of Berlin survived the terrible war. My first memories of Berlin began in August 1945, in an American truck that transported us from one bombed-out house to another.
The memory of playing with my school friends in the bombed-out houses never left me. Through your excellent city tour you have managed to give my soul a certain retirement and pride in my hometown again!

My 16 year old granddaughter Sierra has already been to Berlin twice (2009 and 2011) with my wife and cousin, but through your great translation from German to English she also understood much more about the German capital! I am also very grateful to my cousin Renate from Braunschweig for finding her city tour.

Many friendly greetings
Dr. R. Tornow.

Stadtrundfahrt Berlin

Dear Mr Flöge,

a bit late, but we would like to thank you again for the wonderful day on land and water. To see Berlin like this is simply unique.

We wish you a lot of success, but you have thought it out so beautifully (the great Ipad photos, fresh towels), that can’t go wrong.

Many greetings from Freiburg,
Thomas Marchwinski and Angelika Nathusius

Stadtrundfahrt Berlin

Dear Mrs Flöge,

it was a really extraordinary experience, the ride with the Mercedes and also the Spree Passage with the Marlene. Everybody has to travel with you to experience Berlin in a very different and intensive way at the end of a city tour lasting several days.

Your comprehensive knowledge of Berlin has particularly impressed us. Whether politics, art, buildings, the past or a glimpse into the future of the city – everything was available. We are really very impressed.

Your tip to try the schnitzel in the Pratergarten also met our taste exactly. Great audience, super service, nice place. Thank you very much for your reservation!

We wish you continued success and send you our warmest greetings from Lower Bavaria.

Klaus Jurjanz and Christine Frankenberger

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