In a beautiful Cabriolet through Berlin – a fantastic city tour

A city tour in beautiful weather in an MB-S-Class Cabrio is a special pleasure, but the lively descriptions and explanations by Mrs. Flöge make this a unique experience. Thank you very much, we enjoyed the trip very much and the three hours were over much too fast.

Dear Kerstin,
Thank you very much, once again, for the top class trip around Berlin. Thank you also for the attached photograph. Emily will follow up on TripAdvisor.

We were so pleased that you were able to arrange the trip at short notice. We took a Dampfschiff- Farhrt from Potsdam this morning which got us onto the water after all. We had a magnificent time in Berlin under a truly Blauen Himmel ! We landed back in London this evening.

Finally, may we wish you every success with your business and we do know that if each trip is as good as ours, all of your clients will be very satisfied!

Very best wishes,

Karen, Emily and David

On Friday I finally redeemed the last of my birthday presents from last year: a three-hour drive through Berlin.
Actually the beetle was booked for it. But Mrs. Flöge changed to the Mercedes immediately and at no extra cost when she heard that I wanted to take my 91-year-old mother with me. Although we are Berliners, driving was an experience for us:
1st Mrs. Flöge has read herself really intensively and can tell a lot about the history and present of the city which was unknown to us.
2nd Berlin is changing at a breathtaking pace. Not been in the city for a few months – and a new building is growing somewhere, the cranes are turning on another corner. The city is never „finished“.
3 We once had a completely different perspective – sky-blue – because if I’m sitting at the wheel or being a passenger myself, I never see the sky. The field of vision is always limited. Now we could admire the stucco at the very top of the facades – or see that it was missing.
Thanks to our chauffeur lady who, despite the heat, always found a shady place to show additional information, old cards, photos etc. on the tablet. Mrs. Flöge was not disturbed by the traffic in Berlin. We have never been so relaxed driving through our city. It was also nice that all people are happy to see such a great car. So the atmosphere around was great!

Anett Wundrak & Margot Mühlberger

Experience Berlin in all its colours with a cabriolet of the extra class

For the 70th birthday of my father we had the pleasure to experience an unforgettable city tour on land and on water with Mrs Flöge, her dreamlike convertible and a lovingly restored boat. Very recommendable for every age and every demand. Frau Flöge shows even hardcore Berliners rare insights into the history of Berlin 🙂 Thank you very much for the wonderful trip.

In the 7th blue sky through Berlin

A city tour combined with an extra class ship tour. We drove with the owner of the oldtimer Mercedes Cabriolet, Mrs. Flöge across Berlin. The first part of the tour went through the old western part of the city. We were given a lot of historical and current information. Then we went on a beautifully restored boat, which already had Prosecco, mineral water and something to nibble on, and we drove the Spree until shortly after the East Side Gallery. For the last part of the tour we climbed back into the cabriolet and went to the former East part of Berlin. The trip was very informative, and there is no better way to see all the sights, whether old, new, rebuilt or just beautifully restored. By the way, Mrs. Flöge is a very friendly tour guide with a lot of knowledge. All in all a pleasure and highly recommendable.

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