City Tour Berlin

„Also absolutely recommendable for Berliners!“

Many thanks to SkyBlueBerlin for the perfect wedding day on land and water! Everything excellent and lovingly organized and there was a lot to discover in your own city. Above all from the different perspectives, the combination cabriolet and ship tour is simply world class! We were thrilled, recommendation rate 200%!

Private City tour berlin

„A great gift for a jubilarian!“

I had given this trip to my parents on the occasion of my father’s 80th birthday, and although they were both native Berliners, they were enthusiastic about the nice care, the great car and the places they didn’t even know yet. The handling in the apron worked also excellently.

Private City Tour Berlin

„An extraordinary sightseeing tour“

Thank you very much for this special experience of a city tour with lots of background information, in the extraordinary ambience of your beautiful vehicle.

sightseeing tour berlin

“The best way to see Berlin, and experience the great history of a wonderful city”

Their is no better, and more exiting way to see Berlin and experience the flair of a great
City. Kerstin from Himmel Blau Berlin, and the great Mercedes convertible , made the tour in to a wonderful and enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.

private tour berlin

An absolutely individual city tour through the history of Berlin

My parents (father 94, mother 92) wanted a trip to Berlin to the places and sights of their youth for their 71st wedding anniversary. My father experienced the end of the war in Berlin. Both know Berlin from the time before the Wall was built. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, my father intensively pursued the restoration of old building monuments and in some cases helped to shape them professionally. Despite their advanced age, my parents are still relatively fit, but a „normal“ city tour and visit to the selected old and new sights of Berlin would no longer have been possible. The city tour proposed by „SkyBlueBerlin“ in the vintage convertible proved to be an ideal opportunity to reconcile all wishes, even on the anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall. The registration, planning and execution did not only run smoothly, Mrs. Flöge even built some special wishes and surprises into the tour, which exceeded our expectations by far. We were extremely enthusiastic about the good support, the professional guidance and the choice of the route, as well as the many explanations with supporting digital pictures about historical events and backgrounds of Berlin society and urban development. It was an all-round successful tour, which we will remember for a long time and can recommend with a clear conscience. Many thanks to Mrs. Flöge for this unique experience.

private sightseeing berlin

Dear Mrs Flöge,

Thank you again for the great trip through Berlin. We enjoyed the time and the beautiful weather.
Thanks also for the souvenir picture.
We continue to do well in the versatile city of Berlin. The days will vanish…

guided private city tour

Dear Mrs Flôge,

We would like to to propose a toast and thank you once again for this unforgettable Berlin summer day. We enjoyed every minute on land and on the water with emperor’s weather – at MARLENE the pleasure was increased with an excellent prosecco – and will always remember the perfectly prepared and carried out tours. And: You couldn’t have ordered the weather better – BERLIN SKY BLUE. Thanks also for the very successful souvenir photos.

We wish you a good season and remain with warm greetings from Ilsede Margrit and Dieter Schüler.

Skyblueberlin Sightseeing

There are so many tour groups out there, but look no further because this is something special. We have done many city tours, but this one is the best one we’ve ever experienced. Even before the tour Kerstin (our guide) answered all of my questions via email, so I knew this was going to be a highlight. We chose the Beetle because what better way in seeing a great city in a motoring icon? Kerstin made us feel very welcome and her knowledge about Berlin is second to none. She treated us like a member of her family with her warm and friendly persona. As you drive around you do feel like a movie star as other tourists point and smile at her wonderful Volkswagen. During the drive she stops on quiet spots and shows you on a ipad, photos before and during the war, which is a welcome and fascinating addition. Another great aspect of the tour is that she stops the car and lets you explore parts that you would have missed if you didn’t have a guide. Another bonus is that she will drive and park the car in front of the Brandenburg Gate take a photo and will send it to you via email at no extra cost. You only have one life and sometimes you have to treat yourself and this personal tour is a must.

city tour berlin with guide

„Great 3 hours with Mrs Flöge in Berlin“

we were on the road with Kerstin Flöge for 3 hours in a Mercedes Benz convertible and it was a special experience for us with great insights into the city of Berlin and its history. Thank you very much again!


We had such a fabulous time with you, thank you so much for showing us around! It was brilliant insight into Berlin and it’s history that we couldn’t have found elsewhere and of course, in such a brilliant car! Would be more than happy to leave you a tripadvisor review, will definitely do that for you today!

p.s. katz orange was lovely!! Grill Royal was still our favourite restaurant that we went to though!

Will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know heading to Berlin

Best wishes


city tour berlin spree river

Dear Mrs. Flöge,

our son sent us your friendly greetings with the beautiful photo you took of the three of us in the boat. Thank you very much for that!

The Berlin round trip in a convertible, and even more in such a splendid car, was a very special experience for us, which of course also applies to the trip with the small, but fine private boat.
You took us to areas of Berlin that we knew but were happy to see again today, and you were able to show us districts and details worth seeing that were new to us and thus an enrichment.

With your knowledgeable knowledge and numerous facts, you have ‚conveyed‘ all of this in such a way that this city tour will not soon be forgotten.

We wish you all the best for the company and for you personally.
and best regards

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