sightseeing tour berlin

„A must do for Berlin!!!“

Very interesting, a lot of detailed knowledge historically, architecturally and, and, and. Beside the usual sights also sometimes other views of the capital and with much love and heart for the city perceptibly told.

Sightseeing tour berlin

Dear Frau Flöge,

it was a wonderful day in Berlin! Thank you very much! Gliding past the sights and hidden beauties of Berlin in your beautiful Mercedes was simply unique. Many thanks also for the many stories, backgrounds, tips and anecdotes! They were as amusing as they were informative. And the trip on the Marlene was also a fantastic experience – with a truly individual view of the city. All in all: certainly the most stylish way to discover Berlin. If we may allow ourselves two more hints for future interested parties for your round trips: The Mercedes is really very spacious – four guests have enough room. And even more important: Don’t look too closely at the weather services on the Internet. When a few drops come down, the Mercedes is closed in no time – and when the clouds pass by, it’s open again very quickly … That doesn’t diminish the fun a bit. On the contrary.

Once again thank you very much for this extraordinarily beautiful experience!

sightseeing tour berlin

As a Hamburg citizen it is not so easy to discover Berlin with your heart. Somehow I only ever think of terms like „poor and sexy“ or airport. All the more the tour to the really wonderful corners with Kerstin Flöge through her city inspired us, above all because she gave us the chance to discover a lovable city far away from the usual tourist corners. Beautiful old houses, reactivated industrial plants, water everywhere and many green areas – in addition the really competent explanation of Mrs. Flöge. Wonderful in a word! We can only recommend this tour.

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