Most important questions & answers:

Firstly, the most important thing: the weather is unfortunately bad!

What happens if it starts to rain shortly before the tour starts?

When it starts to rain shortly before the trip starts, you have the option of telephoning to cancel the tour (with the exception of Tour 4) up to 1.5 hours before it commences without incurring any costs. If the weather is inconsistent and changeable, the situation can be clarified and then decided on the phone. If you wish, our trips can of course take place in the rain with the roof closed.

The exception to this is Tour 4: if you have booked the Berlin tour from the land as well as from the water with “Mercedes & Marlene” and the weather should turn out to be rainy, you can cancel this trip up to 24 hours before it commences without incurring any costs.

What happens if it starts to rain during the tour?

Then we simply close the roof and continue with the trip. In the case of the boat’s tour, we have umbrellas and raincoats on board as the Marlene only has a small sheltered section.

What happens if it is a little bit cooler?

Our vehicles are equipped with a very good seat heating system, both in the back as well as the front passenger seats. We have thick blankets on board and can also leave the windows closed. We have indeed had tours at 5°C and clear blue sky.

Booking, costs and payment

How can I book a tour?

Please send us your tour selection with date, time and number of persons by using the respective enquiry form.  As soon as we have jointly agreed on all the details of your trip, we shall send you a booking confirmation per email. The booking is then completed when you send us back your return confirmation.

What costs are included in the offer?

Our prices are quoted for each vehicle (and the Marlene boat where appropriate) and includes the pick-up and return journey within the inner city of Berlin, some  stops, driver and guide in one person, soft drinks, insurance, fuel as well as the statutory level of VAT.

How long in advance should I book?

Since we like to plan the trips for you as individually as possible, we would recommend that you book the tour as soon as you have decided on the specific date.  The earlier you book, the more likely it is that we can satisfy your requirements. Of course, you can also approach us at short notice and enquire spontaneously. We shall then do our utmost to make your tour possible but it will depend on availability.

How can I pay for the tour?

Payment is to be made at the end of the trip in cash.

Can I cancel my booking?

Naturally, you can simply cancel your booking by email.  However, depending on the point in time of cancelation the following costs will be incurred pursuant to our General Terms and Conditions:

Up to 48 hours before commencement of the tour: cost-free cancellation
Up to 24 hours before commencement of the tour: 80% of the tour price
Cancellation on the day of the tour or no-show: 100% of the tour price

How can I obtain a gift voucher for a tour?

Please send us your selected tour, the number of persons, the name of the person receiving the gift voucher and your postal address by email (an exact date is possible, but the voucher can also be issued without any specific date being entered). You will then receive an invoice from us for the tour price. As soon as we have received the invoice amount, we shall send you the filled-in voucher with our brochure, a small jewellery bag and some of our wonderful refreshing tissues by post. The person receiving the voucher then only needs to bring the voucher along to the tour. The voucher is transferable but cannot be redeemed for cash. Any cancelation, return or exchange of the voucher shall be excluded.

About the tour itself

Where does the tour start and finish?

Of course, the trip starts at a place of your choice (e.g. your hotel or a restaurant) within the inner city of Berlin and that is also where it finishes. Please contact us if your starting point is outside the inner city of Berlin or when you would like to end the tour at another location.

What can we see on the tours?

That depends on what trip you have booked. You can find detailed information on the routes for each tour on our website. If you would like to see any other locations, please let us know this beforehand.

Can I get out during the tour?

We have planned some stops for each tour so that you can walk about and take some photos. If you would like to get out at any other places, please let us know this before the tour starts.

What do we find out about during the tour?

This very much depends on your interests: we can relate on the past, the present and the future of the capital and even on the overall context of the history of Germany and Europe and plan the main elements of the tour quite in accordance with you wishes. Additionally, we will show you all kinds of images of the exciting locations and interesting highlights in Berlin on our large-size IPad that always accompanies us.  We would like to point out at this moment that in the case of large events or any temporary cordoning off of specific areas – particularly in the government quarter – not all locations can always be accessed directly.  But we are always able to find a good alternative in such cases.

Which languages are used for the tour?

Our trips are available in German and English.

How long does a city sightseeing tour take?

The length of the tour depends on the trip you have booked. Please take a look at our “Tours” page to find out more.  There you can find the amount of time you need for each tour. Depending on the traffic, it may sometimes take longer – but there is of course no extra charge for this.

Can I also prolong our tour?

That is of course possible provided that we do not have any fixed tours following on directly after. In such a case, we charge EUR 70 per hour for the Beetle convertible and EUR 90 for the Mercedes convertible.

During the tour, are any restroom stops planned?

We will definitely find a suitable place for you when needed.

We arrive late - will you wait for us?

Of course, we always plan for a certain amount of waiting time, but would kindly ask you to give us a call immediately you know there will be a delay. Should your delay be more than 15 minutes, we shall shorten the trip a little to enable the following tours to take place punctually. Anyway, we will always find a solution in such cases.

Can I also book an evening tour?

Of course, we would only be too pleased to take an evening drive with you through Berlin. Please simply ask us about this Option.


Can children take part in the tour?

We are always happy to welcome young guests and the vehicles are all equipped with appropriate lap belts on the back seats, seat raisers are also on board. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we are unable to take young children in child seats with us since such seats cannot be securely fastened down with the lap belts.

Can I take my dog with me on the tour?

Your dog is a welcome guest and takes a seat in the back. For safety reasons, we would ask you to keep the dog on a lead.

Are the tours suitable for wheel chair users?

We can store a flat, foldaway wheelchair in the boot of the Mercedes Cabriolet and the wheelchair user will need to be movable. Unfortunately, “Berlin with Mercedes and Marlene” (Tour 4) is not feasible for wheelchair users since the access to the yacht has no gangway. The Beetle convertible is likewise unsuitable for wheelchair users as there is insufficient space available.

Can beverages be consumed in the vehicle during the tour?

You can of course take a drink during the tour. Our soft drinks are already included in the price. If you would like to have any other drinks, please let us know. However, no glasses may be used during the trip for safety reasons.

Your question was not included?

Then please just write to us by using our contact form and let us know how we can be of assistance to you.