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Beautiful architectual antiques for your home & garden!

Only 30 minutes by car close to Berlin City you will enter a wonderful world: on 23.000 qm, salvaged building materials, decoration & props & articles for romatic living are waiting to be discovered. Find your personal sculpture or old window, your new bathroom or an old Picture. For more Information please have a look here

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The Brandenburg Gate brush – a very unique gift!

Do you want to present your friends, partners or guest during our tour with a very special souvernir? Why not giving the famous Brandenburg Gate away – as a brush? For cleaning bucksin, cushions or as a magical keepsake. Brushes were created by hand following old traditional work in a social Berlin factory for disabled person. Measurement: 9 x 8 x 4 cm. It will be our pleasure organizing the brushes for you and we will sell them to factory costs of 18 Euro. Please ask us.

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Do you have a special reason for your city tour?

Do you want to dumbfound your partner, your friend or your guests during our tour with you? Do you have a special reason for celebrating something or do you want to tell something special? It will be our pleasure to support you in any way of finding a lovely place, developing a wonderful hightlight or a very private event in Berlin. Please ask us for more details and we are sure finding out something which will bring you a lot of pleasure.

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Culture, culture and culture again!

This is one of our absolute favorite shops in Berlin: Cultural department store Dussmann at Friedrichstrasse in Mitte. Nowhere in Berlin you will find such an excellent choice of all kind of literature and such an outstanding personal stuff being able to find the right book for you. From specialist literature to table books, from novels to children´s books: a huge selection is waiting for you and you never will get lost as the truly very well informed stuff is guiding you through. You will find special sections for DVD´s and CD´s, movies and long playing albums as well as a lot of beautiful things for wraping gifts. A really wonderful place. All further details you will find here

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Figurines of Berlin New Castle

For reconstruction sculptural elements of façade decoration of Berlin´s new castle, in summer 2011 a special working studio has been opened in Berlin-Spandau. Here, all different elements like capitals and cartouches, figurines and consoles, will be fabricated accordingly to old traditional techniques. They are following parameters of architect Andreas Schlüter, who has created and designed the former castle facades. Never again, interested people will have the opportunity watching these figurines so close in every single detail as later they will hang up to 25 meters high. Excursions will start at Humboldt Box, exhibition center in front of New Castle, by bus to the working place in Spandau. There, a guided tour will explain everything and by bus, guests will go back to Humboldtbox. For all further details and booking options please call +49 30 206 730 93 or have a look at

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Lords of Forest

Relocated in summer 2016, Friedrichslust has been established at its new home in Charlottenburg, Neue Christstrasse 7. The showroom exhibits a variety of Lords of forest and a fine selection of objects from various epochs. In the affiliated workshop, the Lords of forest are awakened and furthermore, delicate antique furniture is being restored in high end professional quality.

You are welcome to visit anytime during our working hours. We are happy to accommodate individual appointments if you contact us in advance. For all further details please have a look here

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By Hand printed unique copies – Panama Berlin

Here, a craft full of tradition meets its modern transformation: Panama Berlin – studio for fabrics printed by hand in Berlin Mitte. Following clients wishes, textile designer Sabine Dittmer created and designed wonderful themes printed on high quality materials. From cushions to curtains, from paintings to floor covering – all wishes will be realized very individual and there will be no second one. For all further details please have a look here