City Tour Berlin

Tour 6: Berlin`s finest courtyards

An exciting sightseeing tour for everyone that is already very familiar with Berlin’s hallmarks. Away from the well-known sights, come along with us and discover placid and charming courtyards and old alleys; see how horse stables have been converted into trendy restaurants, impoverished tenement flats into luxury lofts and former factories into art galleries

  approx. 3 hours

  Your tour in Beetle Convertible, 1-3     € 270,- All-inclusive Price

  Your tour in Mercedes Benz Convertible, 1-4     € 330,- All-inclusive Price

For your Berlin city tour for sure we will pick you up at a place of your choice within Berlin inner city area, e.g. at Kurfürstendamm. Than

  • Gliding along the fabulous hot spots of Berlin like Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag
  • Stops at different passages and hidden villa courtyards in Charlottenburg and Tiergarten district
  • During the whole tour you will get a lot of explanations to history, social background and development of Berlin courtyards and tenements
  • Ride to Kreuzberg district and Riehmers Hofgarten and Sarotti courtyards
  • Stops at several Kreuzberg courtyards and as well as church courtyards
  • Leaving Kreuzberg in direction to Mitte with its hidden passages
  • Driving through Prenzlauer Berg district and visiting industrial courtyards and living areas with 30 courtyards inside
  • Last stop will be an area erected in the thirties last century as a counterpart to old structures of tenements
  • Our tour will have an end at a place of your choice within the Berlin city limits
  • Nearly all courtyards and passages you will discover by feet and the car will wait for you at the entrance or exit